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Journey of the Soul - Torah Or - "VaYoshet HaMelech L`Esther

Journey of the Soul - Torah Or - "VaYoshet HaMelech L`Esther

Drawing upon the parallel between Queen Esther's impassioned plea to King Ahasuerus for salvation and the soul's entreaty to G-d for help in its spiritual struggle, this discourse examines the root of the soul's exile, and the dynamics by which it lifts itself from the grip of materialism and ultimately finds a voice with which to express its G-dly yearnings. In this offering of the popular Chasidic Heritage Series, Rabbi Schnuer Zalman, founder of Chabad, outlines the struggle of the G-dly soul of man as it fights against the materialistic elements of life, drawing upon the sublime secrets contained in the story of Esther. As in other installments of the Chasidic Heritage Series, introductory remarks, footnotes, and a biography, make this work perfect for either group or individual study. With the spiritual path chartered by Rabbi Schneur Zalman, we, too, may recognize a fresh perspective on our soul`s journey
  • Publisher: Kehot Publication Society
  • Format: 6x9 Hardcover, 112pp
  • ISBN: 0-8266-0465-x
  • Author: Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi
  • Translated By: Rabbi Ari Sollish

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