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Simple Servant - UMikneh Rav 5666

Simple Servant - UMikneh Rav 5666

The Simple Servant is part of the classic, legendary treatise known to Chasidim as hemshech Samach-Vov. This series of sixty-one discourses, delivered from the beginning of 5666 through the winter of 5668 (1905-1907), was revolutionary in its wealth of topics and profundity. This is the first translation into English of a discourse in this historical series. The discourse elaborates upon three of personalities with distinct approaches to devine service: 1) The child of G-d – whose commitment to g-d requires no work on his part, no meditation or introspection- yet is natural. 2) The loyal servant of G-d – who, although remaining a distinct entity with some self awareness and identity, is motivated by his appreciation of, and love for, G-d, and therefore derives great pleasure and joy from doing the will of G-d. 3) The Simple Servant of G-d- who is driven by his acceptance of the yoke of heaven, is not motivated by an overwhelming love for G-d, and has no pleasure in the work he does. Yet he does his work consistently because he has no other identity outside of being a servant of G-d.
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  • Author: Rabbi Shalom DovBer Schneersohn of Lubavitch.
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