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Brighton Beach Memories

Brighton Beach Memories

Brighton Beach Memories is a trip down memory lane, Neil's voice is still as wonderful as always. This Yiddish album can be enjoyed by listeners who know or do not know Yiddish. The arrangements intersperse the sung Yiddish lyrics with English lyrics which translate the Yiddish. Sedaka piano playing with accordion and clarinet. The background music compliments his voice rather than over powers it. The selection of songs consists of traditional as well as more recent Yiddish songs. The only one it missed in the collection was "Papirosen." Those listeners who enjoyed the "Mamaloshin" CD recorded by Mandy Patinkin will want to add this to their CD collection.

Neil's Brighton Beach Memories features thirteen songs inspired by his Jewish roots - a recording that you will enjoy listening to over and over again.

Track List

1. Vi Ahin Zol Ich Geyn
2. Shein Vi Di L'Vone
3. My Yiddeshe Mamme
4. Eishes Chayil
5. Bei Mir Bist Du Shein
6. Mein Shtetele Belz
7. Tumbalalaika
8. Sunrise, Sunset
9. Ochichorniya (Dark Eyes)
10. Exodus (Main Theme from Exodus)
11. Ich Hob Dich Tzufil Lieb
12. Anniversary Song
13. Tzena Tzena Tzena
  • Artist: Neil Sedaka

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