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Spice And Spirit - Passover

Spice And Spirit - Passover

From the authors of Spice and Spirit: the Complete Kosher Cookbook, comes this handy, comprehensive volume that explains everything from start to finish. Not just about food and cooking, the book is a guide to Passover, from how to prepare the entire house, to the Passover cooking laws, to candle lighting and how to prepare for the Seder.

This new, re-typeset edition includes many more exciting and creative recipes for all the traditional (and innovative!) Passover foods, while adhering to the strict principles of Passover Kashrut.

  • Publisher: Lubavitch Women's Cookbook
  • Format: 8.5x11 Paperback, 240pp
  • ISBN: 1-8814-0067-0

  • Price: $37.99
    inc GST
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