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Bris Milah Secrets

Bris Milah Secrets

What great reward do the parents receive for bringing a new soul into the Jewish nation?

Why is Eliyahu Hanavi present at every bris and also when a baby girl is named?

Why is wine placed in the baby’s mouth during the bris?

A bris milah is a beautiful simchah and mitzvah--but what is it that makes it so special? Knowing the sources for this mitzvah and becoming aware of its significance to all of Klal Yisrael can help us gain a much deeper appreciation for this important mitzvah. This collection documents the connection between milah and Torah, reveals how a bris removes the barriers to truth, and demonstrates how bris milah ultimately saves us from destruction.

Learn about the different minhagim practiced by the various Chassidic dynasties, the customs of the Sephardim, and the traditions of the Yekkes.

Gain a greater appreciation for the meaning by the kibbudim of sandak and kvatter. Find out more about Eliyahu Hanavi’s role. Discover why certain foods should be served at the seudas mitzvah. Bris Milah Secrets provides interesting notes on the shalom zachar and vachnacht and offers insights into the birth of a daughter. It supplies information on various aspects of bris milah that are still pertinent to our generation and tells fascinating tales relating to bris milah.

  • Author: Rabbi Dovid Meisels
  • Format: Hardcover | 512 pages
  • Publisher: Israel Book Shop
  • ISBN: 978-1-60091-062-3

  • Price: $43.99
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