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Tell Me The Story of the Parsha: Vayikra

Tell Me The Story of the Parsha: Vayikra

Sefer Vayikra, also known as Torahs Kohanim, is about the korbanos that the kohanim have brought up during the time when the Bais Hamikdosh was still standing.

It is our fervent hope that this charming and delightful book will awaken in the hearts of our young readers a feeling of longing to the glorious times of a Bais Hamikdash rebuilt. May we merit seeing the kohanim doing their avodah... Amen.

Each page is laminated for extra long durability.
  • Author: M. Klein
  • Format: Hardcover | 113 full colour laminated pages
  • Publisher: Veshinantam Levanecha

  • Price: $90.00
    inc GST
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