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ArtScroll Sephardic Siddur

ArtScroll Sephardic Siddur

Sephardic Heritage with ArtScroll Quality: An Incredible Combination!

We are proud to present the Sephardic community with a new ArtScroll Siddur.

Created by a team of experts in Sephardic liturgy, this Siddur incorporates the text, traditions,laws and customs of various communities, so all can use it with confidence.

The ArtScroll Sephardic Siddur features:
Hebrew text, English translation, laws and customs according to Sephardic traditions.
The flowing translation style that has made previous ArtScroll Siddurim so beloved
Transliteration follows Sephardic pronunciation
Crystal clear, easy-to-follow instructions in English
Relevant halachot conveniently appear next to the tefillot, with a comprehensive halachot section in the back of the Siddur Halachot and commentary based on the classic works with additional source material, both traditional and contemporary
Dozens of fully translated pizmonim and zemirot for Shabbat and other occasions, complete with commentary and sources.
Hebrew text meticulously edited for accuracy.
Typographical differentiation to help with proper pronunciation
Specially designed typography and graphics indicate when there are differences in text between various communities.

Shem Hashem with Kavanot Taamim for Biblical selections

Many additional prayers, supplications and enhancements.

High-quality paper and extra-sturdy reinforced side-binding

Price: $64.99
inc GST
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