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Victory of Light - Mitzvat Ner Chanukah 5738

Victory of Light - Mitzvat Ner Chanukah 5738

Victory of Light is an exposition on the deeper significance of Chanukah, viewed through the lens of Chabad-Chasidism.

Here, the Rebbe explains that the war of the Greeks was a spiritual one, aimed at eradicating the notion that Torah and mitzvot are holy, G-d given and Divine. The hellenistic Greeks wished to secularize Judaism, to turn it from a supra-rational "faith" into a very rational system of philosophy and moral conduct. And in this sense the Greek Empire is very much alive: there still exist forces- from both without and within -that wish us to forget that Judaism is G-dly.

The victory of the Jews over the Greeks represents the vistory of the supra-rational over the rational, the G-dly over the secular. We therfore immortalize Chanukah by lighting fiery lamps against the darkness of night, to celebrate the Victory of Light .

Publisher: Kehot Publication Society
Translated & Annotated By: Rabbi Yosef Marcus
Additional Annotation By: Rabbi Ari Sollish & Rabbi Avraham D. Vaisfiche
Language: Hebrew / English
Format: 6" x 9", Hardcover, 86 pages

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