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PetALS and Thorns

PetALS and Thorns

One Woman's Experiences with ALS

I entered a taxi one day, on my way to an urgent meeting.

Please Hashem, I davened, let the meeting go well. Let me not fall or choke. Hashem, You are the Ultimate Goodness. I'm scared. Hold my hand please and let these incidents pass.

The taxi drew to a halt, I paid the driver, and...

I can't get out!!! What's this? Help me! What is wrong with me?

My feet don't move. It's as if a mammoth pump has sucked the energy out of my legs so that they are left lying, completely lifeless, on the taxi seat.

Hashem, what is going on with me? What is going to happen to me next?

Geveret! The driver is losing his patience.

I flush, my redness stemming from embarrassment, and even more so from fear and dread.


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