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Doodle War

Doodle War

Can doodling in class really break up a friendship?

Chana Mirel Goodman is a fun-loving fifth grader who forgets to study for tests, doesn’t check her planner, spaces out in class—and loves to doodle. The outgoing eleven-year-old and her best friend, Baila, sit together on the bus and pass notes in class. But Chana Mirel makes a horrible, careless mistake, and Baila is super hurt. The battle begins—their notes become nasty and their friendship is falling apart. Can the two girls make up and move on, or will they fight it out forever?

Doodle War, by talented author Atara Friedland, is an engrossing tale that will inspire as well as entertain. Join Chana Mirel as she discovers that true friendship is more than a simple doodle; it’s a work of art.

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