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Lessons in Sefer HaMaamarim Festivals 1

Lessons in Sefer HaMaamarim Festivals 1

By: Kehot Publication Society / SIE
Translated By: Rabbis Eliyahu Touger & Sholom B. Wineberg

Format: 6.5" x 9.5" Hardcover, 392 pages
Language: Hebrew / English

Selected discourses by the Lubavitcher Rebbe that emphasize the spiritual themes of the holidays from Tishrei until Adar.

Discourses covered in this volume:

Zeh Hayom Techilas Maasecha
Shuva Yisrael
U'lkachtem Lachem B'Yom HaRishon
L'Havin Inyan Simchas Torah
Tanu Rabanan Mitzvas Ner Chanukah
Al Kein Kar'u

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