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Reb Legend Card: Rosh Hashanah

Reb Legend Card: Rosh Hashanah

This picture symbolises the Jewish New Year. Each item represents different things that are important in the Jewish New Year. The candles represent brightness and they light up the room. The apple represents roundness. The cup which represents the blessing over the wine. The shofar is blown in the synagogue on the New Year. The fish represents the head of the New Year, which is why we have the head of the fish. 

Zalman Feiglin is a Melbourne born artist who has created these cards by using different techniques that he loves. 'I used photography by taking pictures of interesting things. I created art and design with my sister using paint and other materials. I then explored different styles and created collages using photography, paintings and found images that I collected. Each card has a narrative that is personal to me. I am a part of each card: 
Reb Legend 2020 

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