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Free-spirited supersleuth Yael Reed is a kallah! Although her mother refuses to attend the wedding, the bride-to-be discovers she has a half-sister—who mysteriously disappeared years ago. Yael flies to bustling New York to search for clues—but everyone is too terrified to help her. Working undercover as a young convict in a cruel detention center, the feisty PI discovers a sinister scandal. How will she find her sister, escape the nightmarish prison, and return to the UK in time for her wedding?

Bloodline is the seventh book in best-selling author Ruthie Pearlman’s ultra-popular School of Secrets, Lockdown, Disappeared, Whispers, Foundling, and Target series. Join tenacious daredevil Yael Reed in another spine-tingling mega hit—and watch the secrets unravel.

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