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Illuminating Jewish Thought Vol 1

Illuminating Jewish Thought Vol 1

Can we prove that God exists, and if we can’t, why should we believe? What must we believe and what if we don’t? What does the Torah say about the age of the universe? Why study philosophy? What is machshava? These are some of the questions Illuminating Jewish Thought seeks to answer by carefully studying traditional Jewish sources and considering their application to timeless and contemporary problems.

We turn to the Torah to solve these queries because Torah is more than wisdom – it is light (Mishlei 6:23). Machashava, learned properly, illuminates our lives. Without it, we grope in darkenss – not only the darkness of ignorance, but utter darkenss in which we are blinded from living a meaningful religious life, and worse, darkness from loving encounters with our Creator. Illuminating Jewish Thought attempts to reveal some of that light by surveying the theological foundations of Jewish faith. This title is part of the RIETS Hashkafa Series.

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