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48 Hours

48 Hours

"Ima! I want to go home!"

Tina made herself oblivious to the child's distress. Someday, she would thank her grandparents for what they had done for her, at great self-sacrifice. Right now, the child was too young to appreciate it, but one day she would.

Gadi looked at the child and wondered how they had reached this situation. He wondered, too, whether he was to blame, and whether his sense of helplessness would prevail forever.

And Devoiry found all of the challenges of her past brought to the forefront as she struggled to learn the lessons for the present. She would need every drop of strength she had in order to hold everything and everyone together as they waited for Zahavi to come home.

More importantly, she would need to remember Who was the source of that strength...

Another stirring drama by the author of Beyond Hope.

by Atara Hefetz

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