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Halachos of Chatzitzah

Halachos of Chatzitzah

The halachos of chatzitzah are of practical importance for every Jew. This book discusses the various situations when Jewish law requires that there be no interposition between two things, because such a separation would interfere with fulfilling the mitzvah.

MIKVAH: An informative chapter on chatzitzos that may invalidate mikvah immersion, such as:
Skin problems – acne, blisters, peeling skin
Common objects – contact lenses, ink stains, makeup
Medical/dental issues – IV catheter, braces, tooth extractions

N’TILAS YODAYIM: In addition to a comprehensive explanation of the halachos of n’tilas yodayim, this section details circumstances that would be problematic or constitute a chatzitzah when ritually washing one’s hands:
Intervening objects – rings, cuts, bandages, splinters

Touching another’s hand after washing
Performing n’tilas yodayim when there is no cup

WEARING TEFILLIN: This chapter enumerates specific items that could create a barrier for:
Shel yad – shirt sleeves, bandages, body lotion
Shel rosh – yarmulkes, toupees, hair gel, dandruff

TOIVELING KAYLIM: Purification of vessels and utensils through mikvah immersion has its own unique concerns:

Removing labels or stickers
An air pocket blocking the water
Immersing more than one item at a time

These are just a few examples of the chatzitzos discussed in this sefer. An addendum after each section details the practical halachos of brochos for that mitzvah.

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