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Eretz Yisrael and It's Mitzvos - Shemittah

Eretz Yisrael and It's Mitzvos - Shemittah

Designed to be read, enjoyed, and studied by all ages, Eretz Yisrael and Its Mitzvos – Shemittah, blends vivid illustrations with basic introduction and clear halachah guidelines, together with the broader messages we may take from these mitzvos to elevate our lives.

For parents and talmidei chachamim, the sefer includes many pages of extensive source material for further study.

Stunningly illustrated by Shiri Cohen, this large size 9½ by 13½ inch full-color volume – the first of an eventual three-volume series – has been acclaimed as “a children’s book for their parents too,” allowing each one of us to become more familiar with the Shemittah year that makes the Land of Israel special.

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