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Gate of Verses: Bereishis

Gate of Verses: Bereishis

Shaar HaPesukim, or the Gate of Verses, is the fourth of eight gates of the writings of the Arizal. Not surprising, it is on Tanach itself, Torah, Prophets, and Writings, all of which can be learned on four increasingly more insightful levelsPshat, Remez, Drush, and Sodsimplicity, hints, exegetics, and Kabbalah. But whereas the first three levels provide more down-to-earth explanations, basically background information to the verses, Sod offers a far deeper and more profound understanding of the inner workings of Creation and the history it has produced. For example, Yetzias Mitzrayim, on a Pshat level, is important because it documents the exodus of the Jewish people from Egyptian slavery. According to Sod, however, it was also an important part of an ongoing rectification process, going all the way back to Adam HaRishon and spanning all of history. This volume is on Sefer Bereishis only.

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