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Fruits of the Orchard

Fruits of the Orchard

In Fruits of the Orchard, Rabbi Avraham Arieh Trugman, in his 20th book, displays his unique ability to blend the ancient wisdom of the Torah with our contemporary world. Weaving together a wide array of real-world and spiritual perspectives with a wealth of traditional commentaries, Fruits of the Orchard offers a stunning collection of innovative insights. The author explains Torah concepts in a language that both clarifies and reveals the hidden meanings of the text.

Following up on the great success of his first Torah commentary, Orchard of Delights, Rabbi Trugman once again has blazed a refreshing pathway in understanding Torah text by uniting mind and heart, body and soul, the material and spiritual realms in a beautiful tapestry that is bound to engage and excite.

“I found the presentation interesting, informative and inspiring and recommend it as a source of Torah knowledge and a companion for enhancing one’s Shabbos table." —Rabbi Zev Leff

Rabbi Avraham Arieh Trugman has been involved in Jewish education for over forty years. He is the director of Ohr Chadash, a dynamic educational program based in Israel. Rabbi Trugman is the author of twenty popular books and has produced nine CDs of original music. He appears at Shabbat programs and lectures worldwide.

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