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A Giant Sized Short Story

A Giant Sized Short Story

Shimi and his friend Baruch are enjoying some snacks when Baruch finds a strange device. The first time Shimi uses it, he's transported into a strange world of purple, fibrous plants, and ants the size of automobiles!

Named the Thing (by Shimi, of course), the boys soon realize their mysterious device has power beyond any technology they've ever seen before! But before they can enjoy the Thing for long, cake-factory soldiers with strange weapons attack!

Someone else is after the Thing, someone with a fondness for puzzle cubes, pliers, and villainous monologues - and there's nothing he won't to do get his hands on it!

Will the boys make it home in time for Shimi to finish his long-awaited homework?

What is the goal of the elusive Agent McGregor?

What is Department "H"? And is there really another spelling for "H"?

NEW! From the author of Power Plays, Shinobi, The Time Savers, and other popular titles.

By Yonah Klein

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