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Alef-Beis in Motion

Alef-Beis in Motion

A Multi-Sensory Method for Learning the Alef Beis

Learning the letters of the Alef-Beis is special and new!

But how do we pronounce them? What do we do?

We'll teach you the sounds, and motions we'll show...

Are you ready to learn? Come on, let's go!

In this unique, multi-sensory Alef-Beis book for kids, written by both an experienced speech therapist and a veteran preschool morah, children will learn exactly how to articulate the sound that each letter makes. Additionally, a hand or body motion is given for every letter, to enable kids who are kinesthetic learners to actually "experience" the Alef-Beis. The result is a fun and educational book that will have your kids not just learning the Alef-Beis, but "owning" them too!

By Esti Scher & Shoshana Ament MS, CCC-SLP

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