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Deep in the Forest

Deep in the Forest

A Novel

On a frigid winter morning in Germany, an infant is placed on the doorstep of a Jewish orphanage. A short note is the only clue to the child's identity.

In Israel, a beloved, elderly mother is lost in a hazy world of forgetfulness. Her devoted daughter is suddenly overcome by a desperate need to piece together the fragments of her mother's past before it's too late.

Deep in the Amazon rainforest, a hardworking woman devotes her life to saving gorillas from poachers. Yet despite her best efforts, her painful past catches up to her and threatens her many achievements.

Spanning over fifty years and three continents, Deep in the Forest is a riveting tale of loss and discovery, and the unbreakable bonds that unite families. This book will keep readers enthralled until the surprising conclusion.

NEW! From the author of No Place Like Home, No Room for Two, Guilty as Charged, and many other compelling reads.

By Ruth Arieli Rapaport

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