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Shattered Worlds

Shattered Worlds

A Historical Novel

Yitzchak Eisen and Heinz von Muller.

The story of an unlikely friendship and astoundingly successful partnership that bridges Jewish and gentile societies of Frankfurt of the 1800s.

The story of a wealthy family of Jewish textile merchants in prewar Lodz who are hunted by a faceless enemy.

The story of Franz von Muller, a rabid antisemite and SS officer on a mission to fulfill his ancestor's last will and testament.

The story of brothers Shimshon and Refael Eisen, Jewish partisans hiding in the perilous Polish forests, fighting to stay alive and protect a priceless family heirloom.

And the story of a small sefer Torah that miraculously survives all attempts to destroy it, but then mysteriously vanishes...

Shattered Worlds is the newest thriller from pioneer of frum fiction and bestselling author Yair Weinstock, whose historical novels and nonfiction works - from The Gordian Knot to his most recent masterpiece Burning Questions - keep his many readers around the world avidly turning pages until the very end.

By Yair Weinstock

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