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The Ever-Clever Mrs. Make-a-Mentsch

The Ever-Clever Mrs. Make-a-Mentsch

Mrs. Make-a-Mentsch is back!

The delightful lady with twinkly eyes and round glasses, who lives in her slightly lopsided, little yellow house with a red roof and rickety wraparound porch, makes her appearance again, with a brand-new load of clever strategies for solving kids' problems!

Whether it's Bella Scheiner, who cannot stop eating nosh; Ephraim Bender, who is a habitual interrupter; or Mirel and Mindy Lerman, who don't know how to keep their room neat, these kids - plus many others from the Clover Park neighborhood - find their problems dealt with and solved by the one-of-a-kind, ever-clever Mrs. Make-a-Mentsch. Her methods are fun, oftentimes delicious, and usually downright any, but as the kids from Clover Park and their parents can assure you, they really work!

The second book in the popular Mrs. Make-a-Mentsch series, The Ever-Clever Mrs. Make-a-Mentsch is a book that kids will giggle over as they read and re-read it, again and again!

By Dvorah Glick

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