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The Show Must Go On

The Show Must Go On

Meet the Flying Airmen: Simon, his wife Sara. their son Joshua, and Sara's brother, Phineas - plus a 350-pound gorilla named Coffee! Their flying trapeze act is the life of the circus...or at least it was, until Mr. Torren fired them.

Forced to choose between their jobs and shemiras Shabbos, the Flying Airmen take to the road. seeking their fortunes elsewhere. But it's a long and windy road from here to Chicago. Who knows what kinds of adventures lay in between?

Join the Airman family as they meet a sheriff who constantly words up his mixes, an overly friendly bandit, and a ruffian who peddles ice cream that's "guaranteed to knock yer socks off!" Because only one thing is certain when you work in the circus: No matter how wild and crazy things get somehow... The Show Must Go On!

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