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Dream On

Dream On

With a flourish, Zee Zee put a big check next to number 1: Snag a Shabbos invite from a random stranger in Ben Gurion airport.

Irrepressible but well-meaning, ZeeZee Keller is beyond ready for the seminary year of her dreams. She can’t wait to escape the scrutiny of her older sisters and the expectations of her parents. But as the year unfolds she is dismayed to discover that her fun-loving and outlandish behavior is causing trouble for the people she cares about.

Eim bayit Tammy Hurwitz finally has the chance to become the inspiring mentor of her dreams, with late-night DMCs, Thursday night cookie fests, and bending those oh-so-rigid dorm rules for the girls. But what toll will her enthusiasm take on her marriage, and on the very girls she’s trying to help?

Master mechaneches Chava Edelman questions her own relevance as she watches the younger and trendier teachers capture the hearts of her students. Has Chava lost her touch? And why on earth is her daughter leaving teaching, and the zechus of shaping students’ values… to sell luxury tichels?

In Dream On, popular Mishpacha writer Gila Arnold delivers a riveting story of self-discovery and commitment to ideals. Follow ZeeZee, Tammy, and Chava as they try to follow their hearts’ innermost dreams.

As seen in Mishpacha, with an exciting new epilogue!

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