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A Disabled World

A Disabled World

Tzvi Arbel is hyperactive. Has been since he was a kid. He's the one who can't sit still, who has to get up and walk and run. Back then it got him called to the principal's office. But what was he supposed to do with all the coursing energy pent up inside him? And what will he do with it now?

His wife, Shevi, wants to be his eishes chayil, but is having trouble accepting the way Tzvi behaves. She gets dizzy just watching the speed at which he moves, the speed at which he gets things done. He starts a school. Hops on a call with this one and that one to make it happen. Shevi wants a happy, quiet life, and doesn't understand exactly what Tzvi wants. Doesn't he want to be normal?

But who sets the norms? Who and what is normal? And who says that any of them are right?

Turning the world on its head is Batya Ana's specialty. Get ready to enter a different dimension.

New from the author of A Deaf World.

By Batya Ana

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