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Ein Yaakov: Tishah B'Av Excerpts

Ein Yaakov: Tishah B'Av Excerpts

Get a Real Understanding of the Story of Kamtza and Bar Kamtza and the Churban

What more appropriate way to spend Tisha B’Av, than to learn and understand the tragic events leading up to the Churban through the eyes of Chazal.

Available in a convenient softcover volume, The Schottenstein Edition of Ein Yaakov Orlofsky Family Edition of Seder Nashim Tishah B'Av Excerpts from Tractate Gittin: Kamtza U'Bar Kamtza includes:

• A new, flowing translation of the aggadata on the Churban, designed for maximum readability.
• Notes based on the primary commentaries on Ein Yaakov and other sources.
• “Insights” drawn from a vast range of commentaries

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