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Shabbat and the Festivals: Journey and Destination

Shabbat and the Festivals: Journey and Destination

Why is the mindset (and indeed the obligation) of Shabbat rest, while that of the festivals is joy? What is the relationship between these widely different modes of being and what do they tell us about life?

Why is it customary to refer to an observant Jew as a "Shomer Shabbat" (one who observes Shabbat) - Why does Shabbat define the Jew?

Why are the festivals related to natural cycles (months or seasons) whereas Shabbat is not?

Why is Shabbat one of the Ten Commandments?

What is the "Neshama Yetera", the "Extra Soul" of Shabbat?

These are some of the questions addressed in this remarkable book. Shabbat is much more than a "weekend," and the festivals are much more than traditional celebrations of an ancient culture. This book shows why.

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