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Mystery in the Warehouse

Mystery in the Warehouse

“I don’t have a school,” Shimmel said. “We moved here before Pesach...and none of the schools had room.”
“We’ve got to get him into school!” Sender said. “He could join our class! As long as we don’t get into trouble again.”
“Oh, come on, how can you get into trouble just trying to get somebody into school?” asked Fishel.

If there is a way to get into trouble, then the Accidental Adventurers will find it! (Accidentally, of course.) Renowned author Henye Meyer’s irrepressible detectives are back. Lemel, Fishel, and Sender have a new friend to join their club: Shimmel Holzer. Sefarim are missing from Mr. Pfeffer’s warehouse. Can the boys find them and save Mr. Holzer’s job? Find out how eleven-year-olds can accomplish great things if they all work together, in this exciting sequel to The Mystery of the Empty House.

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