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More or Less

More or Less

Based on a True Story

A Note From the Author

Apart from the need to protect the pages of the book, a book's back cover is used to present the story. To quote various passages, to tempt with an intriguing summary. To attempt to briefly introduce potential readers to the main character and his or her struggles in life.

That's how back covers work. Usually.

Not this back cover.

It won't summarize More or Less. It won't offer tantalizing crumbs from it. That's another lesson Menuchi taught me. It's impossible to introduce her like that, from just a brief glance at the wrapping paper.

And so, I won't shower Menuchi with words and compliments. I won't describe how special she is, and why her story is worthy of attention.

I'll just write: In the world of More or Less, she's the best.


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By Devora Rand

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