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The Fascinating True Story of a Brave Jewish Pilot Who Served in the Vietnam War

Shell Shock in the Killing Fields

From his vantage point in a U.S. military helicopter, pilot Gedalia Becker saw up-close the destruction and devastation of the Vietnam War.

Tens of thousands of American soldiers were essentially sent to their deaths. And there, in the marshes, mountains, and shacks, Gedalia lost his closest friends, all of them young and full of dreams, who had gone to fight along with him. Gedalia survived, but a part of him died along with his fallen friends.

After many years of emotional upheaval, Gedalia Becker told author Sara Potash Pachter about the horrors he experienced, the voids the war created in his heart, the pain, and his longing for his long-gone friends. Above all, he related his search for meaning in the life he was granted. This book takes us to far-away Vietnam and beyond, into the heart of the true hero of this story.

Sara Potash Pachter is an author and journalist, and she runs the advertising agency Sara Tikshoret. This book joins her debut release Supermom! and a long list of Hebrew bestsellers.

This book contains sensitive material - for mature readers only.

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