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A Lightning Bolt In Portugal

A Lightning Bolt In Portugal

To the honored and praised king of Portugal, Мау реасе bе unto you.

I write these words to let you know my story.

Your servant David arrived here on the command of my brother, the great King Yoseph, and his sixty advisers and ministers, to relay important secrets to Your Majesty. I also have an important message for Your Majesty from the Pope...

Who is David? And what is this letter that he sent to the king of Portugal at a time in history when all the Jews of Portugal were forced to convert to Christianity?

Read and enjoy this amazing story of Diogo Pires, a brilliant Marrano, and David Hareuveni, a Jew who arrived in Portugal like a bolt of lightning. Diogo, soon known as Rav Shlomo Molcho, grew to become an incredibly lofty individual, and he was shown amazing visions from Shamayim.

He strengthened many Jews and brought them closer to teshuvah.

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