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Calculated Exhale

Calculated Exhale

After a mysterious pollution crisis in Northern Israel, a class from Yeshivah Yesod Emes heads out to the great outdoors for some fresh air... only to find themselves trapped in a wadi.

The rescue efforts lead to ingenious attempts at creating a special invention - a sophisticated carrier drone that will lift the boys out of the wadi. Little do they know that the government is not the only one interested in the unique invention...

Get ready for a captivating, humorous and action-packed journey with this group of delightful youngsters as they navigate through the twists and turns of their rescue journey, and discover the incredible hashgachah that leads our lives, always.

Calculated Exhale is another addition to the collection of books by illustrator Yafit Berenstein, written by the talented writer, Motty Rosenberg. Enjoy!

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