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5th Grade

5th Grade

Welcome to Yeshiva Makom Torah, a fictional yeshiva in New Jersey. We’ll start our journey with Rabbi Karr’s fifth-grade class of twenty boys, and we’ll follow them through a jam-packed year.

Will you identify with Jojo, a very bright young man, but a sore loser? How about Abie, the self- appointed class clown?

Although his friends enjoy his antics, his Rebbi and English teacher don’t, to say the least. Perhaps it will be Eli, a great athlete with a learning disability.

Benny is a nice boy, but with his brother’s help causes quite a disruption in the yeshiva building. Another one of the boys in the class has a very exciting secret — one that involves the FBI!

Chaim is a new and popular addition to the class. However, he has an issue of his own that makes things seem difficult at times. Danny the class leader also has a secret, and he’s very worried about his friends finding it out. Sadly, there is a boy in the class that bullies his classmates. Will the boys he’s bullied finally learn how to handle themselves?

Aside from the boys in the class, we get to meet Rabbi Shlomo Karr. All he really wants to do is teach Torah all day, and he isn’t fond of the disruptions that occur throughout the year. You’ll also meet Rabbi Naftali Paritzky, the beloved and powerful Menahel of the yeshiva. Yeshiva Makom Torah even has a Mashgiach, and he’s earned the respect of all the talmidim. There is something in his past that almost nobody knows about. Almost.

Whether you’re a boy or girl, a parent, or even a Rebbi, there’s something in this book for you. Sit back and relax, and welcome to Fifth Grade!

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