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Ethics from Sinai: Pocket Size

Ethics from Sinai: Pocket Size

The powerful, magnetic words of Irving Bunim illuminate the teachings of Pirkei Avos for everyone. Now, this bestselling work is available in convenient Pocket format so you can bring this treasurehouse of inspiration and wisdom for living, along with you Absorb the magnetic words of Irving Bunim. He speaks to the Jew of today with the words of yesterday, shedding a new light on Pirkei Avos (Ethics of the Fathers). The result is this treasure-trove gleaned from the words of our Sages and the practical wisdom of the man who spear-headed the Young Israel movement in America, and preserved Orthodox Judaism with his sheer determination. A view on morality, ethics, conflicts, and a solid outlook on life-it is all here, presented in a new, revised format to endear itself to every reader. Includes entire Hebrew and English text of Pirkei Avos. 3-volume set. (Individual volumes not sold separately.)
  • Author: Irving M. Bunim
  • Publisher: Feldheim
  • ISBN: 1-58330-523-8

  • Price: $95.00
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